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The Newburgh Preservation Association (NPA) rebuilds, preserves, and promotes the architectural heritage and historic viewsheds of Newburgh, New York. The NPA is an all-volunteer organization founded in 1978.

  NPA to Relaunch DRC as Newburgh Lyceum

March 14, 2012. The Newburgh Preservation Association today announced its plans to re-launch Alexander Jackson Davis's historic 1835 American Reformed Church as The Newburgh Lyceum at the Dutch Reformed Church.

The move comes as part of a broader effort by the group to stabilize, restore and rededicate the landmark building as the heart of the City of Newburgh's public square, past and future. In January, Newburgh's City Council approved an amended agreement with NPA. allowing the group to take the lead in making capital improvements to the DRC, including stabilizing the building's ceiling, damaged over the winter.

Guiding this transformation under NPA will be its Dutch Reformed Church Restoration Committee, led by its new chairperson and NPA Vice President Giovanni Palladino, a Newburgh native and architect, and the following members: Kevin Burke, Deirdre Glenn, Gary Gogerty, Virginia Kasinki, Barry Schuyler, Millie Starin.

In addition to stabilizing the DRC structure, the DRCRC this summer will launch a series of public gardens around the base of the building to reinforce the Lyceum's ties to the people of Newburgh and its core sustainability goals.

The Committee also plans to invigorate its fundraising efforts in 2012, including raising awareness of the DRC's central place in national and world architectural history and fostering ties between N.P.A. and the wider preservation movement.

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Statement of Principles

In the spring of 2009, the Newburgh Preservation Association considered developing a deeper principals statement that would underlie the work we do in the City and what our organization stands for. The more we considered it, the more we thought the Charter for a New Urbanism, developed in 1995 by the Congress for a New Urbanism (CNU), set out a series of principals that are synchronous with ours. We therefore have adopted it as our Principles Statement. Please read through the Charter and visit www.cnu.org.

Consider joining our organization and become active in our efforts to re-constitute Newburgh as one of the jewels of the Hudson River Valley through preservation of its historic buildings, streets and parks. There is a lot of work to do. The more people who are involved, the faster our work will be done."

   DRC News

2009 DRC Field School In the summers of 2009 and 2010, Newburgh high-school students learn about preservation in a Field School sponsored by the World Monuments Fund, Habitat for Humanity, the City of Newburgh, and NPA. For details and press coverage, see the DRC site.

The DRC in December 2006 Sited on a bluff with its imposing portico of Ionic columns overlooking the Hudson River, the Dutch Reformed Church was designed by one of America’s most prolific 19th-century architects, Alexander Jackson Davis (1803–1892). Built between 1835 and 1837, the church is an outstanding example of the Greek Revival style. As Newburgh fell into economic decline in the mid-20th century, the church was abandoned by its congregation and, left unoccupied, has been rapidly deteriorating. World Monuments Fund placed the church on the 2006 Watch to draw local, national, and international attention to the plight of the church. WMF is currently supporting roof design work that will go into construction later this year.

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